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Dear reader of UPDATE Panama,
I am pleased to present our new booklet. Once again, we have collected informations for you to give you a closer look to a wonderful country. A country, where the tourists are not in the majority and a country that will inspire you and will comply with all your dreams. You will find everything you expect and much more! You decide if you prefer to travel cheap with the backpack around the country or if you like to stay in a 5 star hotel to enjoy the luxury by the pool.
For me and you one important point while traveling in Central America is security and you can be sure to have a good feeling about that in Panama. Whether night or day, by bus or in a rental car!
The medical care is assured throughout and on a good level overall. Whether you decide to have all vaccinations depends mainly on your personal attitude and actual of the places you wish to visit.
If you are traveling with a guided tour group or with a rental car on your individual route, you will find friendly and open-minded people and a country that is evolving every day infront of your eyes. I would like to invite you cordially - discover Panama! However, this includes much more than the famous Panama Canal, which is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary.
Have fun with this booklet, we'll see each other in Panama.

Your  Alexander Stewowitsch

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